Cane Pieces

These pieces arose from a desire to create something interesting with clear glass.  I enjoy working in this style because of the balance between control and serendipity each represents.  Maintaining the shape of each vessel while allowing the glass canes to create a chaotic and beautiful fused nest within the piece is an exciting balance to execute.  As a result, no two are alike. 

Silver Leaf

I place sheets of silver leaf, and sometimes copper leaf, onto the interior surface of these vessels while the piece is kept warm by my assistant.  This means that I put my gloved hand into the roughly 1100° F piece as many times as it takes to completely cover the interior with silver leaf.  It is very hot work.  Once this is done, however, the thin sheets of metal interact with the colors of the vessel to create a whole new palette and pattern.  I joke that the idea of ‘suffering for ones art is at the foundation of this body of my work. 

“Oil and Water”

This group of work relies on how differences between certain colors create random, streaky effects.  In its clear form, it can result in interesting optics that play with light and pattern.  When combined with the silver leaf process, the results are completely different as it adds an opaque layer of pattern to these already unique pieces.